Review claims to be the world’s biggest freelance marketplace. It is a site where writers, lawyers, web designers, accountants and dozens of other vocations can go when they are looking for a freelance contract. The site claims that you can get in touch with more than 250,000 freelancers. was once called before changing its name to the current incarnation.

What Is All About? is a typical freelance site insofar as it has the available job categories on the home page which prospective employees can browse to find availabilities that fit. There are a trio of different categories on that offer varying features for freelancers. The Basic package is free and allows users to issue 10 proposals a month, the Guru package is $199.95 a year while the Guru Vendor is the most exclusive package at $259.94 per annum. Clearly, those who choose the Guru Vendor package will have better access to the most lucrative jobs.

This site is useful for anyone who is fed up with the daily grind of office work and is looking for a route into freelancing. Joining is easy and you can start searching for jobs within minutes. The site’s interface is extremely user friendly and having the ability to see the projects you have bid on, those you are interested in and a summary of previous employment is very convenient. It is also fantastic to have your résumé stored online and applying for jobs is a speedy process.

One of the biggest complaints about is the fact that Basic users have virtually zero chance of getting a job. Employers seem to have the impression that prospective employees must have at least the Guru package to be worth talking to. Basic members have reported being on the site for several months without receiving more than one or two offers. It does not help that the amount of jobs seemingly on offer is somewhat misleading. It would appear to be the case whereby employers post jobs simply for the purpose of getting a free estimate. The amount of posted jobs that are never awarded is astounding. Employers are allowed post lengthy proposals that waste the time of freelancers without ever having an intention of awarding a job.

The other problem with is that their payment system is needlessly complex. Its complicated Escrow system contains a number of difficult to navigate steps. The site even has its own version of small print with certain hidden requirements. Worst of all, if this small print is not spotted and its instructions carried out, you could well receive zero payment from the employer.

Despite its boasts relating to the size of its operation, leaves a lot to be desired as a freelancing site. Freelancers are not given enough protection and are subject to the whims of unscrupulous employers. There are far too many ’phantom’ jobs and in order to be a success, you must pay for the Guru package at the very least. There are a number of superior free freelancing sites so don’t bother paying for

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