It’s Time to Move On: Here’s 5 Ways to Get Out of Your Crummy Job

It's Time to Move On Here's 5 Ways to Get Out of Your Crummy JobEverybody has had one of those jobs that they just hate and desperately want to escape. Saying you’ll quit your job and find something else, though, is easier said than done. Here are 5 job tips that make it easier for you to get out of the job you hate and on to something much better.


1. Make the Most of Your Online Presence


The best way to find a job where you’ll be a good fit is to keep up your connections. An easy way to do that is with your online identity. Cultivate your LinkedIn account or visit, and make contacts in the industry where you want to work. It’s a great way to stay connected, a must in today’s digitally-driven world.


2. Narrow Down Your Résumé


It’s tempting to list absolutely everything you have ever done to look accomplished, but it just ends up looking like a jack-of-all-trades without especially strong qualities. Figure out what qualities are most desired in the jobs you apply for, and tailor your résumé to show how you meet those.


3. Know What You Want To Achieve


Plunging into a new workforce without a plan is like driving somewhere across the country without a map: Sometimes it works out, but usually you’ll end up lost. Know what kind of job you want, and use that information to narrow your search and find something where you’d be a genuinely good fit.


4. Take Time To Relax


With the dual pressures of working a job you hate and searching for a new one, it’s very easy to get overloaded. That does you no favors. Dedicate a certain amount of time to searching, but make sure you leave yourself room to unwind at least once every week. That will leave you refreshed and ready to approach it again the following week.


5. Stay On Friendly Terms With Everyone


At some point, you’ll need to provide a reference from your current job. If you and your boss aren’t on particularly good terms, then use this time while you’re job hunting to try to turn things around. Put more effort into your job, treat everyone with respect, and don’t broadcast how much you want to leave. Give them positive things to pass on to potential new employers.


Use these 5 tips to find the job you’re looking for, and then you can wave your old one goodbye gleefully. Keep in mind though, don’t burn your bridges, even if you don’t need anyone’s help job hunting anymore. It’s not worth it. Be a professional and leave the job with dignity and grace, knowing that ahead of you is a much better life.  For additional job references visit


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