Intuit GoPayment Review

intuit gopayment reviewsIntuit GoPayment could well be the king of versatility when it comes to mobile credit card processing. As you may already know, Intuit created the accounting solution QuickBooks and a myriad of other business solutions so it’s obvious that they would get involved in the mobile credit card processing boom sooner rather than later. The whole point of GoPayment is to ensure that your company doesn’t lose business because it’s on the move. The user interface is fairly straightforward and the app has the ability to run on a variety of mobile devices. And unsurprisingly, Intuit made sure that GoPayment integrates easily with accounting software so you can use QuickBooks in conjunction with it. However, integration is possible with any accounting software.

Intuit GoPayment doesn’t have a range of confusing charges. Instead, it sticks with two options:

  • Pay As You Go: This is ideal for companies who don’t have a regular stream of transactions. Instead of being penalized by having to pay the same fees during a slow month as a lucrative one, you can pay per transaction. There is no monthly service charge, no set up fee and it comes with a free Intuit card reader. You are charged 2.7% for every swiped card and 3.7% when the details are keyed in. There are no other charges.
  • Monthly: This is the best choice for companies who engage in a consistently high level of transactions per month. The swiped card rate is just 1.7% with keyed in transactions costing you 2.7%. The monthly fee is $12.95.


While the best aspect of Intuit GoPayment is the way it allows you to accept credit cards on your phone, you really want to be able to swipe the cards as this speeds up the transaction process and also saves you money on fees. Luckily, GoPayment is compatible with a number of high quality mobile credit card swipers such as the Bluetooth credit card reader which can be yours for less than $150. GoPayment can be used on any phone with a web browser and not necessarily a Smartphone.

With GoPayment, you can add sales tax immediately, use a touch screen phone for customer signatures, send receipts to customers via email or text, use GPS tracking to keep track of the sales location and void transactions. Hopefully, Intuit will update GoPayment one day and allow you to authorize and hold funds for use at a later date and refund. Up to 50 employees can process credit cards on their mobiles and have all these sales tied to a single account.

The mobile credit card processing app is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is enter the usual credit card information and the zip code for billing and charge the customer. The whole confirmation process only takes a few seconds and the interface is clean and easy to use. 128-bit SSL encryption is used to protect your data. There is also password protection on the app which helps avoid fraud. It may not have as many features as some of its rivals, but it is one of the most professional mobile credit card processing services on offer and comes highly recommended.

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