2Checkout Review

2checkout reviewsThe 2Checkout Web Payment Services is usually described as the alternative to PayPal. But it has some characteristics that make it the preferred choice of a number of merchants and buyers. The system basically allows merchants to start selling online in just a few minutes. There are many tutorials on the web describing how you can integrate 2Checkout into your website. Once it is functionally, it helps you handle customer payments from start to finish.

Let’s look at its core functionalities, features, and costs:
• Payment Processing – the 2Checkout Web Payment Services accepts payments from all major credit cards and even PayPal. It also handles recurring payments, which is for individuals with monthly subscriptions. This is convenient for merchants and customers alike.
• Security – merchants can send customers to the company’s checkout page for payment processing. It is safe and effective.
• Implementation – it can easily integrate with a number of shopping carts including CubeCart, OsCommerce, and even lesser-known providers. There is no need to hire a programmer; any website owner can use 2Checkout by simply following instructions from the web.
• Requirements – there is no annual commitment required on your part. The company has a high merchant approval rate, meaning that almost anyone can use this service on their website.
• Merchant Fees – the percentage transaction fee is 5.5% while the transaction cost (fixed) is $0.45 per transaction. There is also a set-up fee of $49.00 but no monthly fee is charged. There is no associated cost for gateway setup and gateway transaction.

Why do so many users turn to 2Checkout Web Payment Services for their processing needs? There are a number of reasons. For example, it is easy to set-up and has minimal requirements. For companies that want to accept payments right away, 2Checkout provides a good option. In other payment processor, it takes weeks and even months to receive approval, set-up the account, and complete all the requirements.

It was also mentioned earlier that the company does not ask for any long-term commitment on the part of the account holder. Users are free to use the service with no obligations. 2Checkout is unlike others that require a cancellation fee if you want to stop using the service. Furthermore, no special software is required to get started.

A 2Checkout account also comes with free website codes, free shopping cart, and reliable customer support. The codes can be plugged into your website. When people click on the pay button, you can start receiving payments from customers anywhere in the world. Many people compare the company’s services with PayPal and it is a fair comparison. The 2Checkout Web Payment Services constantly innovates on its offers to match its more established competitors.

There is no doubt that the 2Checkout Web Payment Services provides reliable, secure, and competitive way to send and receive money through the internet. If you are looking for an online payment processor, you should check out 2Checkout. An increasing number of customers are using it as their online payment solution of choice.

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