Amazon Payments Review

amazon payments reviewsAmazon Payments was launched in 2006 by and uses the consumer base of its parent company. Their aim is to ensure that customers receive the same checkout experience as they do on The site has a number of products on offer for businesses, developers and consumers. The ‘1-click’ option that is synonymous with is also available here. The site is also similar in many ways to Google Checkout and PayPal insofar as it enables customers to pay with the information stored on their accounts or else they can enter new payment information during checkout.

Amazon Payments has an array of fees.

  • Sales of $10 or less – 5% fee plus $0.05 for transactions
  • Sales of $10 or more – 2.9% plus $0.30 for transactions
  • Monthly payment volume of $3,000-$10,000 – 2.5% plus $0.30 for all transactions
  • Monthly payment volume of $10,000-$100,000 – 2.2% plus $0.30 for all transactions
  • Monthly payment volume of over $100,000 – 1.9% plus $0.30 for all transactions

There are a slew of other charges relating to different types of credit card. A $500 limit for receiving funds on business accounts is in place until the merchant adds a valid credit card. Once this has been accomplished, the limit rises to $10,000. Once you add a bank account, the limit becomes even higher and in many cases is removed entirely.

Checkout by Amazon is one of services offered on the site which is specifically for ecommerce retailers who are in the business of selling tangible goods. We mentioned that Amazon Payments is similar to PayPal and Google Checkout but unlike its rivals, it doesn’t force the customer to leave the site to perform the default checkout process. On the aforementioned sites, you need to have advanced coding knowledge to achieve this but Amazon Payments has it available for everyone.

Standard Checkout opens a pop-up window to Amazon Payments but this can be problematic if the user’s browser blocks the pop-up and causes them to look elsewhere. This is a needless lost sale for the merchant. Inline Checkout ensures that the customer stays on the retailer’s website throughout the transaction but this does require some programming knowledge.

Simple Pay
This is for companies that sell intangible objects such as eBooks, subscriptions, themes and other virtual products. You can also collect donations through Simple Pay. The applications on Simple Pay are easy to use as the customer merely has to copy and paste pieces of code into the site of the merchant. There is also a dashboard for merchants which allows them to manage their sales.

For such a huge company with an incredible amount of consumers, Amazon Payments has relatively few complaints even though most complaints are aimed at the site rather than the retailer. One problem is that Amazon customer support is not that easy to get hold of so it’s just as well that it doesn’t get many complaints! Amazon Payments is not perfect but it is a useful tool for merchants of all sizes who wish to sell products online. The transactions fees are rather high though the absence of monthly fees makes up for this somewhat. It’s best to have Amazon Payments as one of many payment options rather than your main option however as believe it or not, there are some people lacking accounts!

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