Flashbanc Review

flashbanc reviewsFlashbanc is a merchant service provider that provides a host of electronic payment solutions to online businesses throughout the United States with credit card processing their specialty. The company claims to offer one of the highest approval rates in the industry (98.5%) with the majority of applications from merchants approved within 2 business days. Exclusive services offered by Flashbanc include 12 hour funding which says that you can be paid just 12 hours after sending out a batch of your product. Flashbanc also processes every major credit card including Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express. Below is a list of services offered by Flashbanc.

Credit Card Processing: This is the mainstay of Flashbanc with the company claiming that there are no hidden fees for merchants to worry about. Pricing varies according to the company but Flashbanc promise to be upfront about all fees with transparent pricing on offer. They also offer a low price guarantee: If they can’t reduce your existing credit card processing costs, they will pay you $250.
Online Payments: With several million online credit card transactions worldwide every day, merchants would be foolish to neglect the power of plastic in their business. Flashbanc offer a virtual terminal which enables you to process credit card payments 24/7/365 as long as you have internet access. Flashbanc like to use Authorize.net as their payment gateway of choice and guarantee secure transactions. They will also set you up with an online shopping cart that will be easy for your customers to use.
Wireless Terminals: Having the ability to instantly accept a swiped card is known to save a small fortune in terms of sales. In fact, keying in credit card information may cost a company up to 60% more in processing costs when compared to swiped cards. The wireless credit card solutions offered by Flashbanc can verify transactions in as little as 2 seconds, reduce the risk associated with carrying sums of cash, avoid the loss of sales and significantly reduce your processing costs.
High Risk Merchant Accounts: A number of credit card processing companies don’t have this option but Flashbanc does. A high risk account is for merchants who are unable to get approved for a regular account. Previous processing history, product type and a poor credit record are some of the reasons why merchants are refused normal accounts. The high risk account offered by Flashbanc is more expensive than their usual offerings but you will receive faster settlements, diversified volume management and statements which are easy to understand.

You have to admire the fact that Flashbanc are intent on doing things their way. They succeed in providing excellent service on all their merchant accounts and are one of the few organizations that offer a specialist high risk service. Flashbanc even sells its own range of terminals and encourages merchants to purchase gift cards and loyalty programs which they have in stock. They really make an effort when it comes to customer service as well with specific terminal and customer helplines which are never closed. They also have a direct emergency line for quick solutions. The only apparent problem is the lack of information relating to pricing on the site. Therefore, merchants have to contact them to discuss rates but at least it proves that Flashbanc believes in individual merchant account solutions.

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