Intuit Payments Review

intuit payments reviewsIntuit Payments is another company that deals in credit card processing amongst its other offerings. Its full range of services includes payroll services, website services and QuickBooks but we will concentrate on their payment processing package and more specifically, their credit card processing service.

Services for Websites
The merchant service it offers for web stores processes all major credit cards securely with card security fraud prevention features and 128-bit SSL encryption with Fraud Protection online. Getting set up is also incredibly easy. All you need to do is sign-up, choose one of the companies recommended by the site, prepare your store to accept credit card payments, connect the store to QuickBooks and start managing your finances.

The monthly charge for this service is $19.95 a month but new customers get 2 months absolutely free. There is a $0.27 charge per authorization fee and no monthly minimum fee as this is based on processing volume alone. There is no set-up or cancellation fees and you can add Merchant Service for QuickBooks for an additional $9.95 a month. Discover, Visa and MasterCard all carry a 2.47% rate.

Point of Sale Services
This is for retailers who are selling goods from their premises. Again, there is quick activation with easy acceptance of credit cards and a useful end of day process (batching and settlement) which is performed automatically. You can purchase QuickBooks Multi-Store Pro if you have a number of stores as it enables you to manage up to 10 stores at once. You don’t need to buy a terminal with authorization, processing and recording of sales all performed in one step. All transactions are synchronized with QuickBooks with no double data-entry required.

This service costs $9.95 a month with Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards carrying a 1.85% card swiped rate and a 2.9% key-entered rate. The authorization fee is $0.15 per transaction with a monthly minimum fee of $0-$15 which is again based on monthly volume.

Mobile Processing
This is the ultimate in convenience and allows you to get paid immediately while on the move. You can process any major credit card with no additional equipment required. Authorization takes seconds and Intuit Payments has a 24/7/365 Merchant Service Center where all your queries can be answered. You can also create a single GoPayment account for up to 50 employees. All you need to do is key in the card information on your phone or else swipe cards with a GoPayment card reader which is an optional extra.

The low volume plan has no monthly fee, a 2.7% swipe rate, 3.7% keyed rate and no other charges. The high volume plan carries a 1.7% swipe rate, 2.7% keyed rate and costs $12.95 a month.

There is no doubt that Intuit Payments are eager to completely corner the credit card processing market as they have thought of everything on their site. Not content to offer one service, they give you multiple choices. While other companies are better served sticking with one or two offers, Intuit Payments have the resources, personnel and professionalism to provide all these services to the satisfaction of customers. Whether you have a physical store, an online business or you want to make money on the move, Intuit Payments has something for you.

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