Promote Your Website

Artisan businessman in shopYou have to promote your website in order for visitors to come to it. You can have a fantastic looking and functioning website, but if you don’t effectively promote your website, no one will see it and you won’t make any money. There are lots of ways to promote your website, and fortunately, many of them are low cost or free.

How to Promote Your Website:

There used to be many ways to effectively promote your website online. But with Google continually adopting new algorithms to determine search engine rank, most of them have become ineffective or even detrimental to enact. Some of the ways that used to work were running online classified ads, getting listed in online directories, doing link exchanges with other webmasters, submitting articles to article directories, distributing press releases, etc. But these days the list of website promotional techniques has become much smaller. The only real way – and the best way – to promote your website now is to create excellent content and spread the word about it through social media. By excellent content I mean something that truly blows you away when you encounter it. It can be an article that’s very well written and explains a topic in a truly great way. It can be a video that does the same. It can be an infographic that summarizes a complex topic succinctly. It can be any type of content but it needs to leave an impression on the reader that compels them to share it to their network on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon etc.

That’s it. Really.

Don’t waste your time and money on any other way – because Google will recognize that you’re trying to game their algorithm and bury your website in the search results. If you don’t have the time or creativity to create great content for yourself you can hire others to do it for you. But the bottom line is that you must have something unique and/or memorable on your website in order for it to rank well and get decent traffic.

You can also use a professional online marketing service such as RankPay – they don’t charge you anything until they achieve search engine results for you.


Promote Your Website by Providing Value:

They say that with websites, content is king. This is true on so many levels. Not only will a website that contains good and relevant information be ranked with the search engines more favorably, but it also rank better with the real live people who land on the website looking for information.

People, as a general rule, love to learn something new. Rarely does a person leave a website visit thinking, “Wow, what a great sale they were having.” But quite frequently that same personality can be found saying, “Wow, that website was very informative.”

The point is that when you are writing any text for your website you can effectively promote your site without your text sounding like a sales pitch if your information brings the reader value. This method of providing value should not stop with your website however. You can carry this practice over to any type of outside writing that you will conduct to promote your website such as:

• Blogs: Blog about topics of concern within your industry. Use pictures and give links so the reader can get more information if need be. The more information you provide, the more value you provide.
• Articles: Write about anything that is relevant to your website, but not necessarily the website itself. When you promote your website using articles, there will be what is known as the ‘resource box’ at the end of the article and this is the place for you to self-promote. The article body though, should be about a real topic so it will offer some real value to the reader.
• Press Releases: People look through press releases to find out what the latest happenings are, not to learn about a two for one sale that you are conducting. A press release is a great way to take a problem within the industry and offer up a solution. If you don’t know what to write about you can always hit the message boards of whatever industry you are in as there will no doubt be some problems that need attention there.

The more quality information you provide for your readers the more value you give them. Once you do this a strange thing happens. As your name gets out in cyberspace and people know that they can turn to your website or anything else that you write as a credible source of information, your website, and you by proxy, begin to build up your online reputation in a positive manner.

Once your reputation grows enough then you will begin to be looked at as a guru within your industry. At that point you will have people going to your website simply to see if you can offer them a solution for their problem even if there is a chance that you haven’t covered that topic.

So remember, good content is not only king, but it is also value. By providing value in every single piece that you write, you will promote your website and eventually have more than your fair share of web traffic flooding your website. A great side effect of that is usually an increase in both your online sales and your bottom line.