Five Modern Tools That Can Help You to Spend More Time With Your Family While Working Less

In today’s busy world, it seems like more families are becoming stretched for time together. Adults have work and community demands, children participate in sports and other enrichment activities. By the end of an average day, many families are left with very little time to relax and spend quality time together. Why not take advantage of the modern tools, technologies and ideas available to enhance family time and work less.


Prioritize On-linebigstock-Family-Spending-Time-Together-29274836

The software available to consumers on-line is vast and rich. Companies offer everything from dental management software to time management software. Find a free, online website to help you prioritize your daily tasks.

Weed Out Fluff

Are you spending time on commitments that you aren’t really passionate about? Do you feel obligated to work extra hours or volunteer in the community when you’d rather be spending time with your family? Consider weeding out the things in your life that you aren’t truly committed to. Choose one or two obligations you believe in and spend the rest of the time with your family.


Check Email Once a Day

You might be surprised if you added up all the minutes you spend throughout the day checking email. Instead of spreading it out through the day, commit to checking it at the same time every day. Once. Carve out 30 minutes or an hour to devote to email, spending the rest of your time focused on other tasks or spending time with family.

Start Early

You know what happens to the early bird, right? If your schedule is jam-packed, consider getting to work an hour earlier or waking up an hour before the rest of your family. This will allow you the quiet time to dedicate to getting your to-do list accomplished.

Just Say No

Your children and family suffer the consequences when you are overworked, overtired or distracted. Get more quality time with your family by simply saying “No” to other obligations. You don’t have to volunteer every spare moment of your time. Realize that you just can’t do it all, then spend the time you do have relaxing with your family.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Spend the time you do have with your family wisely. Your kids won’t appreciate a parent who’s home all the time but constantly on the phone, computer or in another room. Use the time you do have at home to spend quality time with your family. Bond with your children by giving them your full attention. Play games with them, take an interest in their lives and really get to know your kids.

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