New to Business Finance? 4 Basic Elements of Company Cash Flow

If you are new to business finance, then you need to have the right tools and key understandings. Finances are one of the key tenets to being successful. This is true whether you are in the physical product, digital, or other industry. Don’t miss out on the opportunities of understanding finances and company cash flow. Understand these four powerful concepts below.

Assets and Liabilities

In accounting, there are two main categories. You have your assets then you have your liabilities. If you have an asset, this is something that is seen as a credit to your account. It means that you are receiving cash for this in the future or that it already exists in cash.┬áIf you understand accounts receivable management, then you will know that liabilities outweigh your assets. So just because you have a large amount of assets does not mean that you always have cash flow. This is important to understand so you don’t overextend your credit.


If you don’t produce sales, then there is no cash flow to speak of. Your sales training program is going to be the biggest factor in whether or not you are bringing in cash consistently. Make sure to bring in professionals. They can help your team develop a process that turns leads into prospects, and prospects into buyers who help your bottom line.


Expenses will eat your cash flow up pretty quickly if you are not careful. They are not just your liabilities. Instead of just debt, these are the actual items that make cash leave your bank account. This is important to understand or you could be in a situation where you can’t pay your bills.


Revenue does not mean profit. However, revenue does help you cover your expenses. Whatever is left after you pay yourself and take care of your expenses can be profit. Still, a high amount of revenue lets you cover larger expenses in the short term, which is why many focus on it.

Cash flow is one of those things that will come back to bite you if you do not develop a great understanding of it right away. It is critical to keeping your business healthy. So do not just sit idly by and watch as your money comes in and out. Know exactly what it’s doing, what it should do, and how to predict the future. That way, you can set your company up to have massive success now and going forward.

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