Web-based jobs for students

College education has become very expensive for students these days. Not only has tutoring fee increased manifold in recent years but even the prices of study materials and cost of housing has also gone up significantly. If you are a student belonging to a middle income group family finding it difficult to manage the expenses of your college studies, here are some easy web based jobs that you can do part time and earn money.

Become a social media manager for a company

Most companies today want a strong online presence that includes accounts on various social media sites. You can get the job of a social media manager as a freelancer and write posts on accounts of the company. You become the face and voice of the company and interact with the friends and followers to build a positive image for the client. Your job is to promote the products and services of the client in a creative manner. It is a fun way of earning money and you can easily do it in your spare time in college.

Become an online tutor

Of you are studying in college, you have obviously acquired knowledge and skills in your chosen subjects. You can easily get the job of a tutor to teach students by tying up with web based teaching institutions or choose to do it as a freelancer. This is a good job that pays handsomely and you can earn decent money in your spare time with the help of your laptop and internet connection.

Become a freelance writer

If you have a flair for writing, you can easily earn money by writing content for your clients. This is a very high paying job where you can write website content, articles, blogs, newsletters, and E-books to be paid handsomely by your clients. There is a great demand for good quality essay writers these days as more and more businesses need content for their websites.

Work as a transcriptionist

If you are good at grasping audio and video clips and can produce the script verbatim, you can become a very successful transcriptionist. This is a very high paying job that is popular in legal, medical, finance, and education industries. You are given audio and video clips and you are asked to write the communication between two or more individuals. You need to eb accurate and also fast to type lots of words in a short period of time. Your income as a transcriptionist depends upon your ability to type large numbers of words per minute.

Write resumes

You may not believe it but people pay for their resumes as they cannot write high quality and impressive resumes when applying for jobs. You are given the academic and extracurricular achievements of the client and you are asked to write a great resume so that he or she is called for an interview by the company. Your services are also sought by executives and managers who need to create a profile for their LinkedIn accounts. Just write about the accomplishments of the client and the value he adds to the company where he has applied for a job. It is a simple and easy web based job that pays well.

Become a web designer

If you have the skill of designing, you can earn great money working as a freelance web designer. You can work on a very flexible schedule while in college as clients give you a deadline before which you have to complete and submit their project. The job of a web designer is very high paying and you can earn very good income to pay for your college education expenses easily.